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Easton Voice Services

PRI provides T-1 lines to support high-speed voice applications including: multiple line sharing, switched long distance and sophisticated call processing capabilities. PRI provides a wide range of standard features including inbound caller ID number services with 23 channels for inbound, outbound or bi–directional calling.

The Easton Versa-T is an integrated T-1 that combines local, long distance and internet service. The Versa-T is dynamic, meaning as voice calls decrease available bandwidth for data increases. On the local side, the Versa-T offers local dial tone with PRI signaling or as channelized POTS lines. There are several local service features available with the Versa-T. The long distance service boasts competitive long distance rates. If one T-1 isn't enough, then we offer bonded T service up to 12Mbps with up to a full T of voice.

Basic Business Lines offer dial tone and all of the standard local features that you currently enjoy at a great price. There are many line, calling and feature packages available to fit your needs. Basic Business Lines are available in certain areas nationwide.

  • Unlimited Local Calling*
  • Measured Local (pay-for-usage) Calling
  • Competitive Long Distance Rates

Long Distance and Toll Free Calling Services are offered at great rates nationwide. Outbound and toll free calling plans are available in-state, out of state and international.


Easton Anywhere conferencing is a cost-effective and easy to use web conferencing solution. You can use Easton Anywhere to conduct instant meetings or you can schedule pre-planned meetings. With no downloads required, this web conferencing tool is available on-demand and accessible for immediate use, enabling you to get your message out to a widespread audience, quickly and easily, while helping to reduce travel costs to and from meetings. Live customer service operators are available through the duration of your meeting to help troubleshoot any issues that may arise during your conference.

Key features:

  • Quick share buttons for fast, intuitive sharing of screens, applications, whiteboards or documents.
  • Moderator console has an easy, yet comprehensive icon-driven conference control panel.
  • Instant invitations for inviting new participants anytime during conferences.
  • Public and private chat pop-ups when new messages are received.
  • Audio and Web recording for instant editing and sharing of content.
  • One-click audio access activates instant call-back for joining conferences.

Services Available Nationwide

Easton Telecom has been a premier full service business-to-business telecommunications supplier since its inception in 1992. Easton offers multiple voice, data and wireless solutions to businesses nationwide.